Sustainable textile wet processing solutions

The textile sector provides us with technical challenges that we tackle with passion.

Opportunities in innovation lie before us.

Great experience in textile finishing

We have been offering our textile finishing services for more than 40 years, in Vallès Oriental, Barcelona. We have development, marketing, and manufacturing services in the textile sector, in which we offer the best services and the best quality for each of our clients.

Our departments take care of the client since our sale is consultative. We have direct contact with them, in which our commercial technicians know the facilities of our clients, as well as the products they produce. This proximity allows us to analyze the best technical solutions for fabric manufacturing. The front office is also close and close, which allows fluid communication.

In addition, the products we offer are finished with total quality, in which each one of them has innovative technologies. Our systems count on AFC System, FSC System, NED System, and PCS Challenge.

Finally, you should know that in 2023 we will participate in the ITMA Fair, be aware of our participation!

Finishes on textile products

At Adrasa we have different types of success stories focused on our clients. Thanks to these, our customers are satisfied every day, thanks to which we work hard to meet their needs.

These success stories, for which we continue to stand out in the sector day by day, are:

  • ACF System: Foulard pigment dyeing by Pad-Dry technique
  • FSC System: Easier, safer and cheaper dyeing of polyamide
  • NED System: Pigment dye for exhaustion
  • PCS Challenge: New polyester dyeing system, standardizing complexity

Why do our clients choose us?


We have high-quality textile finishes, for which our customers are satisfied with all our products.


We are committed to a sustainable world since we consider sustainability as one of our bases to move forward.


We offer a personalized service since our sales representatives and front office treat our clients in the best possible way. 

News of our company

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