We care about sustainability


Service focused on our clients

At Adrasa we have different departments, focused on providing a sales and post-sale service fully adapted to each of our clients. We care about the satisfaction of each of these, which is why we also offer products committed to sustainability, totally ecological and sustainable for the environment.

Our departments

We have various departments adapted to our clients, where they are:


We offer customer service fully adapted to each of our clients, in which we help you solve your doubts and problems.

We have direct contact with our clients. Our commercial technicians know the facilities of our clients, as well as the products they produce. This proximity allows us to analyze the best technical solutions for fabric manufacturing.

Front office

It is the close and close treatment that allows fluid communication. This is very important since the workers in this department are the visible face of our company.

The client becomes the absolute protagonist and we have to give the best image. That is why we take full care of this department.

Regulatory Affairs

Our main mission in the company is to guarantee the safety and quality of chemical products and the production process. For this reason, they are present throughout the product's life cycle.


Question what is done, Do not assume that something is correct, because it has always been done in the same way. Provide solutions or improvements to problems that had not been raised from another point of view, or that had been addressed a long time ago.

Quality Textile Products

Quality Politics

We have the best quality available for our customers

We have quality policies that ensure the proper functioning of our company.